In the new year, Mexico, a corn consumption leader, has announced to stop using genetically modified corn in the food industry by the end of January 2024. Organic food producers warmly welcome Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s decision, who wants to honor Mexico’s cultural and gastronomic heritage.

Gradual Ban on Genetically Modified Corn

In January, the Reform News Agency stated that according to the official regulation, “the federal biosafety authorities will abolish and refrain from granting permits for the release of genetically modified maize seeds into the environment. “

Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay

The decree states that its purpose is to “contribute to food security and sovereignty” and protect “native corn, cornfields, biocultural wealth, community agriculture, gastronomic heritage, and Mexicans’ health. ”

Corn Consumption in Mexico

Corn production in Mexico can reach 27.1 million tonnes in 2021, as expected. The jump in corn production is attributed to the higher planted area in 2020-21.

Image by wal_172619 from Pixabay

Experts estimate that corn consumption in Mexico will be around 45.5 million tons for the marketing year 2021. This amount corresponds to an increase of 2.4%. Mexico is considered the world’s leading corn consumer.

Original Corn Varieties Preservation

Corn has been grown in Central America for millennia. The pressure from lobbyists has led to the replacement of many native maize species with genetically modified maize. Its advantages are that it is more resistant to pests and drought, so it is economically advantageous.

Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay

The Mexican government considers more than 60 species of native corn to be a national and cultural heritage site. Therefore, it has taken steps to protect maize traditionally grown using original farming methods. Organic food producers are enthusiastic about the move of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Source:, featured image by Robert Balog from Pixabay