Fries, chocolate, pizza, burgers… Almost everybody loves to have that at least once in a while. For some, it can be a “guilty pleasure” for others, it is part of their daily diet. However recent studies from the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB), discovered that palm oil can be responsible for more, than just the devastation of our rainforests. Scientists found that it could have an impact on the speed cancer spread throughout the human body.

Experiments on mice support this theory

A study on mice discovered that palmitic acid found in palm oil helps to promote metastasis in mouth and skin cancer. This means that these acids could help to spread the disease faster. The Director of the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute said, that the prevalence of palm oil as an ingredient in processed foods gives us a strong motivation to go further with this study. Mainly how the choice of diet can influence the risk of tumor progression.

Metastasis “hold cards” with patients life

This phase of cancer is still the main cause of death in cancer patients. Metastasis is estimated to be responsible for 90% of all cancer deaths – that’s around 9 million deaths a year all over the world. Scientists admit that is too early to determine which type of diet could be consumed by patients with metastatic cancer that would slow down the metastatic process. Understanding what type of food can be helpful in the progress of this illness and it can be a real “breakthrough” in the cure for future days.


Photo credit: Pixabay