Surely you have not missed the news about the explosion of the Nord Stream 1 submarine pipeline that supplies Germany with gas. East and West blame each other for this explosion. Photos of the destroyed pipeline have finally been revealed. On Tuesday Sweden released the first photos from the damaged Russian Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Germany.

Watch the footage

The reported: The footage was published by the Swedish newspaper Expressen. A huge explosion measuring 2.3 on the Richter Scale caused a massive hole and 50 meters of damage to the pipeline.

It is clear the explosion was not caused by Russia or they would have reported that by now. Sweden is not sharing its investigation which seems odd unless they are trying to protect someone.

Here is video of the damaged pipeline taken by an underwater drone operated by Expressen.

More from Expressen.

The BBC reported:

  • At least 50 metres (164ft) of an underwater pipeline bringing Russian gas to Germany is thought to have been destroyed by a blast last month.
  • Video shot by a Norwegian robotics company, published by Swedish newspaper Expressen, appears to show the massive tear in the Nord Stream 1 pipe.
  • Danish police believe “powerful explosions” blew four holes in the pipe and its newer twin, Nord Stream 2.
  • It is still unknown who or what caused the blasts amid suspicions of sabotage.
  • Gas deliveries have been suspended since the 26 September explosions on the pipes crossing the Baltic Sea.
  • The Kremlin has accused Western investigators of seeking to blame Russia for the damage.