The recent phenomenon about environmental health and global warming has somehow been resolved after Coca-Cola came out with the paper bottle’s idea. Coca-Cola made advancements in developing recyclable packaging from the Brussels innovation lab.

The idea conceptualized the new bottle design with the sustainable bottling company Paboco which gives us a glimpse of this prototype’s future. The idea became a reality after the initiative of the world without waste. The carbon footprint will be reduced for future use.

Image: The Coca-Cola Co.

It is to obtain or recycle a single bottle for the 2030 target and can only use packaging that can be completely recycled for each bottle sold to restrict the use of virgin packaging.

The paper bottle prototype of first-generation is 100% recyclable but not 100% paper. It is a major feat that the Brussels lab still works on to create a structurally sound container with some plastic. This prototype, though, is primarily paper.

Important Discovery in Packaging Circularity

The Danish firm has made this prototype with an extra-strong paper shell that also retains a small plastic layer.

But the aim is to grow a plastic-free 100 percent recyclable container that will stop the release of carbonated beverages gas.

This could influence the drink’s flavor – or possibly result in health and safety approvals also taken into consideration.

Coca-Cola Tests A Paper Bottle as Part of a Long-term Plastic Elimination from Its Packaging

The prototype paper bottle is just that—a prototype—but Coca-Cola is hopeful to see if functional paper packs can be integrated in the future into its product line.

Image: The Coca-Cola Co.

Coca-Cola is the pioneer firm that is ready to explore Paboco’s model for paper bottles with experience in beverage processing, commercialization and packaging products, construction, and technology.

The paper bottles idea advocates the sustainable packaging target for gathering and recycling bottles or being willing to sell by 2030. Simultaneously, it minimizes the use of clean packaging materials significantly by using just 100% recyclable paper. In order to fulfill this vision, it is important to engage in creativity and collaborate with the packaging industry to encourage recycling and sustainable design.

When Will Come the Time to See These Prototypes

The revealed prototype is the first step month, but Coca-Cola failing to commit itself to a deadline for hitting mass shelves.

The company can now hold a trial in Hungary this summer on Coca-Cola fruit beverage Adez after more than seven years of laboratory work. At first, they will sell 2 000 bottles to the local supermarket chain.

Image: The Coca-Cola Co.

It fits for others, too, though.

Absolut, the vodka manufacturer, has its own pre-mixed, 2 000 paper bottles in the UK and Sweden for a carbonated raspberry cocktail. The paper has to be mouldable, produce various container types and shapes, and be able to print with ink for its labels.

Source:, featured image: The Coca-Cola Co.