The deadly game Blue Whale, which is supposed to drive participants to suicide, is spreading on the Internet through social networks. Several dozen injuries and deaths are connected with the suicide game.

Dangerous Tasks

The game’s name is derived from the blue whales, which commit suicide by throwing themselves on the beaches. The game principle consists of the unconditional fulfillment of 50 tasks assigned by the curator. Most tasks require overcoming the self-preservation instinct, self-harm, inducing psychosis. The last task of the game is to jump from a tall building.

Potential players who make themselves known on the social network are contacted by the so-called curator, which is their task assignor. Each day, the curator assigns a task and then requests proof that they have completed the task.

The player completes tasks that require, for example, carving a whale or the inscription F57 in the player’s hand or leg, cutting lips, stabbing themselves with a needle, watching horror and psychedelic movies, climbing the highest roof at night. The player must send proof of completion to the curator.

Manipulation and Pressure

If a player refuses a task and wants to leave the game, the curator starts threatening him or her with violence against their family. Some players were allegedly sent photos of their relatives in public or at their home to frighten the player and force him or her to continue.

Image by Adrian Malec from Pixabay

The creator of the game is supposedly Filip Budejkin, better known as Filip Lis, the administrator of a group called F57 on the social network VKontakte (the Russian equivalent of Facebook). He allegedly invented the game in about 2013 as a way to increase the mentioned group efficiency.

A Suicide Game Is not Over Yet

In 2017, there were 130 deaths of children and adolescents associated with the blue whale in Russia. From the countries of the former Soviet Union, the game spread to Central and Western Europe. Several reports of child deaths also came from India.

Picture source: YouTube/IndiaNews

Although the Court in the Tyumen Region of Western Siberia sentenced Filippo Budejin to three years and four months in prison for aiding and abetting suicide, the game is not over.

The question is who the other curators are. It can be people from the suicide group F57 or F58 or those who indulge in cyberbullying and used this game to manipulate others for their pleasure.

“My friend’s son committed suicide at the age of 19 last month. The police found out that he had been playing this dangerous game for two years, “my colleague announced this sad news last week. Offenders are connected via servers where it is not possible to track them down.

Source: world wide news, youtube, featured image by Heather Plew from Pixabay