Advancement in technology these days has facilitated discoveries in the medical field. However, there are still some of the problems which modern technology is unable to solve, but your faith may be a solution to such problems. Below such issues;

1. Diabetes

This is a lifestyle disease which is mostly attached to aged people. It caused by too much glucose in the blood. People suffering from diabetes are unable to regulate insulin, and thus, blood sugar rises to higher levels and make them vulnerable to other diseases. Despite the fact that diabetes can’t be cured by modern medicine, it can be controlled with a better lifestyle.


This is one of the biggest problems facing the whole world. It is caused by a virus which can be transmitted through various ways namely; having unprotected sex and blood transfusion with a person living with HIV/AIDS, sharing injection equipment such as needle and mother to child during breastfeeding or birth.

The HIV/AIDS virus weakens the immune system in the body and further exposes one to opportunistic diseases. There is no cure for this disease, but there are medications which can boost one’s immunity and enable the victim to live longer. Moreover, there several ways on how one can protect herself/Himself from this deadly disease.

3. Polio

Poliomyelitis is a viral disease which is spread from one person to another and can cause death and paralysis to the victims. Thanks to the World Health Organisation which has worked hard to make the polio vaccine available in many parts of the world. For sure, This has greatly helped to minimize the polio disease outbreak globally.

Unfortunately, modern medication can’t cure polio once somebody has been infected with it, and only faith can come into the rescue of such cases.

4. Asthma

Asthma is a condition where airways become narrow, inflamed, and produce mucus, making it difficult to breathe. Wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath are common symptoms associated with it. People who have asthma can only manage it through continuous medication, but there is no permanent cure to this problem. An inhaler is a common prescription for patients having asthma to make them able to breathe without difficulties.

5. Lupus

Despite people becoming aware of Lupus, no permanent cure has been discovered. Lupus is a condition where the immune system produces antibodies which attack the healthy tissues and cells in the body. This problem causes intense pain, inflammation, and damage to the tissue and cells.

It is associated with the following symptoms; headache, chest pain, extreme fatigue to mention but a few. A precise treatment plan can control the disease, but this is only meant to keep the condition in check not to cure it.

Despite modern medication discoveries, the above five problems remain to be a thorn in the flesh to many since only faith can permanently cure people infected with such diseases. However, we shouldn’t give up, the scientist are trying their best to introduce stem cell therapy, which is a possible solution to all these problems.

Credits: toranhe.bit, depositphotos, wikimedia