Countries from all over the world send huge amounts of money to Ukraine. Where does this money end up? Is there evidence that this money will arrive here? While some believe that the money will be used to rebuild destroyed cities or buy weapons, more and more people think that huge sums of money are just being laundered in Ukraine.

So how is it?

Portal reported that there is no evidence that the billions of dollars actually reached Ukraine:

In August a US team of veterans led by Chad Robichaux announced they had rescued 17,000 US Legal Permanent Residents from Afghanistan After Joe Biden pulled out of the country a year earlier in 2021.  

The Biden administration abandoned thousands of Americans and Green Card holders in Afghanistan one year ago following their surrender to the Taliban.

Joe Biden and the Woke Generals abandoned THOUSANDS of Americans in Afghanistan and as many as 14,000 during their quick escape from the terrorist-controlled country.

And then they left the Taliban with $80 billion in US military equipment.

Chad Robichaaux, the founder end CEO of Mighty Oaks Foundation, was recently on the ground in Ukraine. Chad told Glenn Beck that he saw NO evidence of the billions of dollars in aide the US taxpayers sent over to the country.

Money ends up in a black hole?

Chad Robichaux: No, and that’s the same on this trip. It’s sad and unfortunate. It needs to be addressed. There is no congressional oversight of this money. This money is going into a black hole. In any country in the world it would be bad. People are people and governments are corrupt and it’s going to end up where it shouldn’t. And the money is not ending up where’s it’s going. US taxpayers dollars, millions of dollars… It’s meant for restoring lives and saving humanity and it’s not being used for that.

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