Law enforcement agencies use drones to impose law and order. For instance, in the United States, security personnel use drones to search for lost children. The United States is dotted with forests that are difficult and dangerous to infiltrate. Cases of children and adults disappearing in the forests are common. Conducting a physical search of the lost children may pose a danger to security personnel. Therefore, security personnel uses drones equipped with thermal imaging gadgets to search for the missing persons. The drones not only accelerate the searching exercise, but also free some personnel to execute other duties.

Drones help with tracking the suspects

Drones help security officials to track suspects and conduct tactical surveillance. Today, many illegal immigrants close the border between the United States and Canada. The two countries do not have adequate personnel to monitor the expansive border. Therefore, they use drones to monitor and track illegal immigrants. Indeed, drones have helped to curb cases of criminals smuggling drugs Mexico into the United States.

The best way to monitor large crowds

Drones have made it easy for law enforcement agents to monitor large crowds during public events. Public events attract people from all walks of life. Even though the police may screen everyone getting into a public event, it is hard to prevent some criminals from executing their plans. There needs to be something that can help law enforcement agents to have an aerial view of everything that is happening in the course of the events.
Security personnel fly drones above the crowds, which help them to record all that it is happening.

In case of an incident, they replay the recording and identify the perpetrators. Apart from monitoring crowds, the United States government uses drones to rescue people in case of natural disasters like floods. They fly drones in the flood-stricken areas to locate injured and stranded victims. The government then sends helicopters to evacuate the affected people. Besides, the government uses drones to appraise the damage caused by floods without endangering the security of rescue team.