Computer viruses appeared in the early 1990s and since then they have become the main threat to computer systems and one of the most important causes of economic losses for today’s businesses. But it must be said that computer viruses can be controlled and prevent a serious infection of our computer.

Computer viruses are programs designed to be intentionally installed on a specific user’s computer, usually without their consent. Computer viruses can infect these other programs by converting them to include a copy in this program.

Functions of computer viruses

One of the functions of computer viruses is to spread and reproduce. While other viruses have been seen just to make a simple joke. Or corrupt operating systems, hard drives or saturated computer networks that generate unnecessary traffic.

To treat a computer virus, run an infected program, most of the time without the user’s knowledge. The virus remains on the computer’s RAM, even when the program stops.

At this point, the computer virus controls the central services of the operating system, infecting the following files that are open or running, adding its own code to the infected program and burning it to the disk with which the virus was consumed, as we said. . .

A computer virus can corrupt programs, forcing them to stop working or do it by mistake. They can change the information on the computer, delete or steal it, eliminate the available disk space, slow down the system, erase the BIOS, burn the processor to falsify the information provided by the temperature sensor and others.

The computer virus spreads on removable storage media, such as floppy disks, CDs, pirated software, computer networks, emails, software downloaded from the Internet and others.

60% of threats affect computer security. Other threats include Trojans, adware, worms and malware, among others. Currently, viruses are still widespread and affect PC performance. Antibiotics are a great way to access opportunities that don’t help and steal your privacy. It is important to know the types of viruses that affect your computer.