Do you know, what is the Dark Web? Let´s explore this mysterious. Dark web earned mysterious reputation for of its illicit sites that offer assanitation services, illegal trades of drugs, weapons, hacked data etc. Dark web is used as a camping ground for black hat hackers and also used by people especially whistleblowers and disidents to hide their movements from their governments.

The Dark Web can also be defined as a collection of publicly available websites that you can access if you know the secret IP adresses of the servers that host those sites. These websites may be hidden but they aren´t secret. Some of them have thousands of regular users. The Dark Web is not very big. There have been about under 100.000 unique domain seen.

The Structure of the Internet

Surafce Web

The most of us are familiar with. This comprises only 10% of the total size of the internet. All sites are indexed by search engines and are easily accessible.

Deep web

Deep web contains 90% of the information on the internet, but is not accessible by Surface Web crawlers. A part of the Deep Web accessible through certain browsers such as Tor designed to ensure anonymity. Deep Web Technologies has zero involvement with the Dark Web. Deep Web contains:

  • Academic informations
  • Medical Records
  • Legal Documents
  • Scientific Reports
  • Subscription Information
  • Multilingual Databases
  • Financial Records
  • Goverment Resources
  • Competitor Websites
  • Organisation-specific Repositories

Dark web

Dark web is believed most of the content here is of a criminal nature. Despite attemps to index Dark Web, much is still unknown about its content. Dark web performs nefarious activities and sell illegal products. It contains:

  • Illegal pornography
  • Black markets
  • Hacking groups
  • Illgal informations
  • TOR-Encrypted sites
  • Political Protests
  • Drug Trafficking sites
  • Private Communications
  • and much more..

The Dark Web is not just for criminals. Individuals who choose to be unidentified, such as journalists, can utilize the Dark Web to communicate across the gloge without being detected.