Minerals, including salt, are needed to function all the organs in the body. Iodine salt is a suitable prevention against cretinism, which is a result of an untreated impaired thyroid function. People love salt and its consumption generally increases. The excess of anything harms, as in this case. A new study points out that excess salt may be related to dementia.

According to a recent study by Weill Cornel Medicine, excess sodium consumption can induce a change in the brain that leads to dementia.

Influence of Nitric Oxide on the Brain Vascular System

The human brain needs nitric oxide to function properly in blood vessels. Nitric oxide also takes care of lowering blood pressure. Several times higher salt consumption, despite recommended values, may cause a decrease in nitric oxide in our body.

If the nitric oxide level is too low, there are chemical changes in the tau protein in the brain, contributing to dementia. An increase in tau protein has been associated with cognitive impairment, including Alzheimer’s disease.

Other Body Functions

Excessive salt intake adversely affects the cardiovascular system and kidney function. Excess sodium decalcifies the bones, leading to osteoporosis. International medical research has shown in the past that high sodium intake in the form of salt has a very close relationship with the increase in blood pressure, because sodium inter alia retains water in the body.

The recommended daily dose of salt is 2–4 g. Let’s look at what a diet that contains too much salt can look like:

Breakfast – 150 g pork sausage with mustard and bread (5 g)
Soup – 300 ml chicken soup (2 g)
Lunch – 150 g Beef in soya souse, 100 g rice (5 g)
Dinner – 400 g Pizza with ham, cheese and olives (4 g)

The total salt intake is therefore 16 g per day, which is four times the recommended daily dose.

Lifestyle choices such as a balanced healthy diet, enough sleep and exercise are associated with a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular and many other civilization diseases.

Source and credit: https://www.onegreenplanet.org/natural-health/study-finds-that-diets-high-in-salt-are-linked-to-dementia/, Depositphotos, Pixabay.com