Dogfights are banned in most countries, but they are still held. In some countries they are held secretly, in some places it is a public entertainment event attended by many people. In Europe and America, dog fighting was banned in the 19th century. Especially popular are dog fights in South Africa, Afghanistan and Pakistan, where they are held regularly. It is often very difficult to keep track of where fights take place, because the organizers of these fights can sweep the tracks well.

Dog fights in the world

In some cultures, dog fights are deeply rooted and people perceive them as part of their culture. Animal fights are not just about dogs, fights of roosters, horses, partridges, camels and other animals are also popular in the world.

Animal fights is a big money business, people bet money on their favorites, just like racing. It’s bloody fun, which is the worst form of animal cruelty. Dog fighting is officially banned in Afghanistan, and even Islam forbids this form of entertainment. Nevertheless, dog fights continue and for owners of fighting dogs it is often a great source of profit. Dog fights take place mainly in the countryside, sometimes outdoor arenas are used for them, but sometimes it is a secret match that takes place in sheds and barns. For dog fights, mainly typical fighting breeds are used, the most common fighting dog is the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Dog fights in Afghanistan

Dog fights are well known in Afghanistan and take place especially during Nowruz, or Persian New Year festivities. While in most countries dogfights are held secretly, in Afghanistan they are held openly and their laws are overlooked, so the organizers do not have to worry about sanctions. When a dog fight is reported to the police, the fines are very low, around $ 150, so the organizers are not deterred from continuing with their entertainment.

One of the places for dog fights was, for example, a public outdoor arena in the middle of Mazar-i-Sharif, a city in northern Afghanistan. Tickets for dog fights were sold here for less than a dollar and the whole show was attended by thousands of people.
The venue was a public outdoor arena in the middle of Mazar-i-Sharif, a city in northern Afghanistan. Most matches take place in the winter, because dog owners fervently believe that the cold protects their animals from infecting their numerous wounds. In Mazar, dog owners from all over Afghanistan usually gather and bets range from small sums to around $ 20,000.

Some facts about dog fights

The average length of a dog fight is 1-2 hours. Currently, dog fighting is banned in 55 countries around the world. Many countries still lack laws that prohibit or restrict dog fighting or animal cruelty. They are often intentionally held in countries where these matches are not prosecuted. If you notice that dogfights are taking place somewhere, it is advisable to contact the relevant police authorities as soon as possible. Animal fights are very unnatural, animals do not fight of their own free will, but are forced to fight, pushed and sometimes flogged and encouraged. Animal struggles are often attributed to poor and illiterate people when someone among them is rich, usually not getting rich in an honest way.

In the past, it was a sport

In ancient civilizations, dog fighting was considered a sport. In 43 BC, the Romans invaded Britain and both sides used fighting dogs. The Romans were fascinated by the fighting spirit of British dogs and so they began to import from Britain. Dog fights also took place in the Colosseum, where dogs often fought against other animals. Until the 19th century, dog fights were, for example, a popular pastime for the nobility in England. Especially in the 19th century, dog fighting was banned in most of the world. To this day, however, they take place all over the world and it is estimated that in the USA alone, over 40,000 people are involved in dog fights.

Dog fights are badly fought

Dog fights take place in practically most countries of the world and this bloody sport cannot be completely eradicated. Every year, many people around the world are involved in dog fighting. Since most of the matches take place in secret and among the fans of this cruel entertainment, it is not possible to reveal all the organizers.