The ever-increasing amount of plastic waste is a global problem. Plastics are everywhere – in the soil, in rivers, in the oceans, even in the cattle’s stomachs. The toxins harm the environment, causing fatal injuries to many animals. At an Indian café, people can exchange plastic waste for food. One of India’s cleanest cities has killed two birds with one stone.

The Municipal Corporation of Ambikapur, the central Indian city in the state of Chhattisgarh, has opened a Garbage Café. So, it motivates people to clean the surroundings of plastic.

Meal for the Poor and Homeless

The poor can collect and bring garbage to the café. The city can feed the homeless. It offers free food for their plastic waste collection work. The size of the meal depends on the amount of collected trash. People will get the main course for a kilo of waste, while 500 g of garbage will be exchanged for breakfast.


Plastic waste will be used for the new road construction, which is currently not a complete novelty in the field of plastic recycling. The city has already built several roads by mixing plastic bottles into asphalt, which has proved to be a suitable way of recycling.

Healthy Residents

The Municipal Corporation of Ambikapur thus perfectly has matched environmental needs and assistance to the poor. The main goal of the city is to keep the area clean and people healthy. The new facility will further enhance India’s second cleanest city “label” Ambikapur acquired in 2019.

The first Indian Garbage Café was opened in October last year. It has inspired other cities, such as Mulugu, in the state of Telangana, where people receive a kilo of rice for a kilo of plastic.

It leads to reflection. What would Earth look like if everyone received food for garbage collection?

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