Climate change has been recognized over the years for its role in influencing the economic state of a country. This crucial role is underscored more so in the development of the agricultural sectors of an economy through the sudden changes in the temperatures which cause diverse effects.

The issue has brought about numerous studies which raise questions such as why, how and when will the economy of a country stabilize in the era of unexplainable climate change?

Causes of Climate Change

1) Emission of plant gases from the greenhouse

Technology makes it easier for farmers to conduct their activities irrespective of the season through the evolution of greenhouses. However, studies conducted have proven otherwise that even when human activities during such period sound good, some cause diverse effects in the ecology. The transparent roofing in the greenhouse allows for sunlight to be absorbed. This, in turn, traps in unnecessary heat which is a leading cause of global warming.

2) Activities in the Waterbodies

The water bodies such as oceans, lakes, and rivers reserve a large quantity of Carbon dioxide (normally rated at about 40,000 gigatonnes.) The emission of this gas to the atmosphere takes place concurrently with the absorption of the same quantity in the water. As a result of the activities, global warming is enhanced.

3) Emission of Nitrous Oxide

When everyone makes assumptions that Carbon dioxide is dangerous, Nitrous Oxide as harmless as it seems being produced naturally from fertilizers used by farmers should be noted that it is 15% more dangerous than carbon dioxide. The chemical procedures it goes through and the lifespan of 100 years makes it an item of concern in global warming.

Factors that influence the Climate change of an economy

The topography of a country

Countries that are not landlocked are prone to suffer from global warming. As discussed earlier, any activity in the water bodies enhances the process of climate change. The wind patterns as also determined by the position of a country which may influence the movement of gases into the atmosphere.

Human activities

Greenhouse activities are not the only cause of alarm in this case. Companies dealing in oil production possess the same threat to the water bodies and atmosphere.

Emission of greenhouse gases

Did you know that your home appliances such as the refrigerators and industrially used coolers emit chlorofluorocarbons and hydrofluorocarbons which form part of the greenhouse gases?

Sunlight absorption

Absorption of sunlight on any earth surface determines the amount that will be remitted to the atmosphere. When too much heat is absorbed, the same will be given out and vice versa which causes the sudden increase and decrease in the temperatures.

Global warming

It also causes climate change over a period of time, although diverse effects have not been properly proven.