People are accustomed to trusting brands and the ingredients used in their products. After all, why would regulatory bodies allow dangerous products to be sold in stores? Unfortunately, many skincare solutions contain substances that may end up causing more harm than good.

Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA)

BHA can be found in some exfoliants on the market. Its products are still sold regardless of the substance causing skin depigmentation. Animal studies have shown BHA to cause certain types of cancers and imbalance of hormone levels.


Although it is not officially considered harmful, parabens can disturb reproductive and endocrine processes in the body. It has also been linked to breast and skin cancer, which is why many manufactures prefer to produce paraben-free products.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

SLS is considered an irritant, also causing acne, canker sores and eye damage. Avoid this ingredient, which can be found in many skincare, hair and oral hygiene products.

Triclocarban and Triclosan

There may still be some products that contain triclocarban and triclosan, despite being found to cause allergies, hormonal imbalance, muscle dysfunction and weakened immunity. Antibacterial soaps, as well as deodorant and toothpaste can contain these harmful substances.


Commonly found in skin-lightening creams, hydroquinone can cause a condition called ochronosis. It causes lesions which may be blue-black in colour and potentially irreversible. Please be careful when purchasing products online.


Oxybenzone is considered dangerous because of its effect on both male and female hormones. It mimics oestrogen and can cause low sperm count and endometriosis. It is often labelled as an ingredient in sunscreen and should be avoided.

Fragrance Ingredients

Ingredients in fragrance mixtures of skincare products can be allergens. These may be challenging to detect as companies are not usually required to list substances used to create a unique scent.

Please exercise caution when purchasing skincare products online and from outside your country of residence. Read labels carefully. Alternatively, you can shop for aesthetic products at a medical spa.