Dr. Cerrie Madey, D.O., an expert who has been researching for decades, has identified very worrying things about the Coronavirus vaccine19.  She warns that the Covid-19 vaccine could change our DNA permanently.

DNA Transfection

“I have never encountered the technology used in the new covid19 vaccine. Modified RNA or modified DNA will be used in this proposed vaccine. It’s important to know because it could change our DNA, our genome, ” the doctor warns in an interview with Stop World Control.

Image credit: Stop World Control

Our genome is what separates us from animals and plants. It is a detailed plan of what creates us, how we reproduce, develop, and heal. One small change – removing one protein and inserting another – can cause a congenital disability or an inherited disorder. A small change that will change our genome can be devastating for humanity.

They suggest using this technology, a part of which is called transfection. It is the same technology used to produce genetically modified foods.

“What would this technology do to us, humans? We probably wouldn’t be so healthy anymore. I want to remind everyone that this is the first time this technology has been used on such a scale. We would be an experiment; we would be laboratory rats. We do not have long-term studies. “

Covid19 Vaccine Side Effects

The Covid-19 vaccine is being developed by Moderna, which has received $ 1 million from the US government for research and development. Moderna is a newcomer; they have not worked in this field for long and are supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. They have never developed a vaccine or medicine for humans. Covid19 vaccine is their first attempt.

Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash

The development process and placing the vaccine on the market were very accelerated; they tested only 45 human subjects in just two months. Such research should take two years.

Systemic side effects occurred in 100% of people who received a high dose of the vaccine. 80% of people had side effects with a low vaccine dose. We see side effects at the beginning, but we do not know the long-term ones.

“You must know that they are not just giving us a vaccine; they are manipulating our DNA, our genome.”

They say it’s temporary, but the doctor thinks if we hit the genome through the transaction, it can be permanent. And they won’t know until they do it with us.

Source: stopworldcontrol.com/videos/, featured image: by PixxlTeufel from Pixabay/Daniel Schludi on Unsplash