Water is rarer than gold in Africa. Chronic lack of clean drinking water is already responsible for many diseases that often result in death, not only in young children. But even under normal circumstances, water is a problem. Water sources in the villages, rivers or lakes dry up regularly during the dry season. When there is enough water, people who not only bathe, wash their clothes, but also fill the household containers, have to share it with the cattle to drink it and bathe in it.

75,000 Liters Daily

So far, efforts to convert ocean water into drinking water have been technologically inefficient and inaccessible. Kenya, in cooperation with GivePower, has developed a system that can do this.

This desalination system can produce up to 75,000 liters of drinking water per day. This amount waters about 35,000 people.

The project was launched in Kiung in 2018. Hayes Barnard, the GivePower President, would like to open several such facilities around the world in places that need it most.

According to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), almost half of the women and children in the 3rd world countries walk at least 3.7 miles to get water for their families. And this removes their right to get an education.  Barnard decided to simply bring water to them, possibly in a very efficient and sustainable way.

Where Is the Help Needed?

Scientists believe that sea level will rise and flow back into the rivers. Kiungua residents must drink salt water from the lakes, although this causes kidney failure.

Barnard’s company has already started working in Isle de la Gonave in Haiti and Kenya’s Mombasa. He wants to bring drinking water untill the end of 2019 there. He plans to look at potential sites in Colombia, too.

According to the WHO, half of the population on Earth will face severe water scarcity by 2025, while one third no longer has access to it. In the future, this will apply to places such as Capetown, Chennai, and Beijing.

This solar system uses Tesla batteries to run, and a couple of motors. In case, one of the motor is out of order, the other one takes over the function and and ensures a constant supply of water.

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